Explore to Inspire

Explore to Inspire is a new website designed to raise and discuss topical subjects and relate modern-day issues to Christianity while giving spiritual guidance.  It is written by Rev. Graham Smallman in liaison with Carol Hatton, both from the Urmston area of Manchester.

The website’s objective is to help give answers to some of today’s concerns from a Christian perspective and includes challenging and spiritual questions from Carol. Updated every two weeks, the website will also highlight some of today’s issues of concern and signpost people to resources which may extend knowledge and information about particular subjects as well as being a source of helpful information.  The website is a lively, inter-active and reader-friendly facility for people who want to know more about how Christianity works in the present day.

The website also includes inspiring readings from ‘Are you Listening,’ a prayer request slot and a share From the Heart page. There is a signpost page that includes worship, music, photos and lots more for people to look at to help create understanding of some of today’s dilemmas and issues from a Christian perspective.

These days we are bombarded with so many forms of mass and social media that it’s sometimes difficult to find the spiritual angle behind the headlines or the comments. We hope our website will encourage people to take a fair and balanced view of issues going on in our country and around the world.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia – Photo – Alan Hatton

‘Bridging the Gap between the Cross and the Signposts.’