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Rev Graham

Hello and it’s lovely to have contact with you. I am a Christian Minister, Author and recently retired Life Coach based in Manchester UK.

I have worked extensively in various community projects and in church-based ministry. I specialise in supporting individuals and families when facing the loss of a loved one. I have enabled many individuals to achieve their personal goals through my work as a Life Coach over fourteen years. ‘Inspire2Achieve.’ 

In my ministry as a preacher, teacher and writer I seek to link together modern thinking and biblical understanding as expressed in my ‘Insights from the Bible’

I am really excited about sharing Explore to Inspire with Carol and trust and pray that it will be an encouragement to many.


Mobile: 07921 632017


First of all, a bit about my own background and Christian journey. I started my working life as a secretary then worked in public service public relations for over 30 years. The following 6 years I worked as a Teaching Assistant with special needs children until I retired in 2011. I was brought up in the Church of England but, like many people, dropped out in my middle years, although I always knew I was looking for some sort of spirituality.

It was only in 2016 that I came back to the Christian faith following an incident which I still can’t really understand or explain occurring at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York which made me connect together various “God-incidences” and links which had occurred throughout my life. These “God-incidences” are proof to me that God lives and watches over us, thus strengthening my faith.


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