Pray for Ukraine

Carol says:

Who can possibly understand the carnage that’s been going on in the Ukraine for the past few weeks? Who can forget those tragic images of deaths, injuries, explosions, people living in absolute terror, the onslaught of the Russian artillery descending onto Ukrainian territory and the bombardment of hospitals, churches, homes? Who can fail to witness the bravery of the Ukrainian people facing up to the enemy within using whatever means at their disposal to fight back – a real David and Goliath scenario?

An angel over Kyiv?

My own deep personal memory is of seeing families being split up at railway stations with the men having to stay behind to fight, even with their very basic weapons, while their women and children were sent to places of safety. It just reminded me of people being sent to the gas chambers in World War 2 and, having visited the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, it wasn’t something I wanted to be reminded of, having seen repugnant exhibits and images of the horrors which took place there.

But amid the shocking scenes people around the world have witnessed via various forms of mass media, there has also been a vast amount of goodness emanating from this terrible situation. Many millions of pounds worth of humanitarian aid has been raised within days of the conflict starting and hundreds of thousands of people globally have made contributions of clothes, shoes, medical supplies, food and so many of life’s other necessities to send to the beleaguered refugees being sent far and wide to other countries in order to avoid danger.

We can also feel thankful that Governments, aid agencies, charities and so many other people are doing their bit to ease the plight of the Ukrainian people, whether in a practical way or through diplomatic representation. Big and small businesses have rallied to the cause and left the Russians in no doubt what they think about the onslaught. The world’s media staff, too, have bravely risked their lives to bring us 24-hour news coverage, not to mention the power of prayer which people of all religions have been offering.

What amazed and shocked most people is the speed at which this multi-faceted attack took place. It has shown that material things don’t really matter and that it’s people with their pets and very basic belongings which are their priorities. It also made me so thankful that, while living in the UK can have its problems, we have to be so grateful for our relative security and peace of mind. Life is so fickle but the out-pouring of love from all around the world must sustain the Ukrainian people, even in their hour of darkness. Thanks should also be expressed to those brave Russian people who have protested against this phoney invasion, despite personal risk to their own safety and against the propaganda machine.

If anything can come from this wicked situation it’s that good will triumph over evil, particularly with the international and cultural backlash that is being demonstrated throughout the world. We just have to pray that this global demonstration of love and support will show the bully that this horrific behaviour will not be tolerated.


Where are all the refugees heading? Ukraine has way more born-again believers per head of population than Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, etc. Be praying for Christians among million+ Ukrainians now on the move.  As they carry the gospel with them in buses, trains and taxis, into people’s homes and the many new shelters, may their faith in suffering and gospel witness be vibrant, attracting thousands of secular Europeans to Jesus.
― Idowu Koyenikan, W
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We pray for peace in the Ukraine –
Image: Pixabay

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