Carole’s Devotional – Salome

Carole Crossley is the author of a daily devotional book entitled ‘Are you Listening.’ Carole has kindly agreed to share on our website; a number of her devotions for your encouragement (2019 Jesus Joy Publishing used by permission) and if you would like to order a copy of Carole’s book, go to ‘Are you Listening’

This devotional is about THE DANCE – Salome one of many Bible Characters that she has shared over the months and we hope you enjoy it.

Herod had offered me anything I desired – even up to half of his kingdom. All I had to do was entertain his guests, by dancing. I found that was an easy request to comply with. I adored dancing and was happy to please the king in this way, even if applause was my only reward.

My scantily-clad body was oiled and supple for I spent many hours a day in perfecting movement through dance. My feet were bare as was my stomach and midriff. A large red and silver jewel was fastened securely to my belly and my covered breasts were thrusting against the almost transparent material which was studded with precious stones. My long ebony hair was tied in a loose knot, held in position by a silver-encrusted clasp placed high on my head and tendrils hung loosely on my shoulders, swinging as I moved.

The beat of the music began slow and enticing; my feet took me quickly to the centre of the room. My swaying hips gyrated in time to the beat as I raised my arms above my head in sensual abandonment.

Herod could not take his eyes off me. I moved using the entire area until I was close and directly in front of him. Our eyes were locked together; his were devouring my every move. The music was getting louder as I moved easily; twirling and twisting my whole body in an expression of passion. The drums increased their volume, faster and faster as my feet carried me along. I covered the entire floor until in a crescendo and, with my blood pumping at speed through my veins, I fell to my knees. Bending my head I allowed my now loose hair to cover my triumphant face. The music ended.

Minutes passed as I gasped with panted for breath, trying to tame my excitement. My breathing slowly calmed and returned to normal.

Looking first at Herod for his approval, then at my mother Herodias, I unfurled my body and stood up. Herod’s rich melodious voice, with great command, asked me what I wanted. I looked towards my mother, going quickly to her side. In a low urgent whisper, she said, ”Ask for John the Baptist’s head.” I locked eyes with her, verifying that I had heard her correctly. The slight nod of her head confirmed it.

In haste, before the King could change his mind, I made my request. “I want the head of John the Baptist – served on a silver platter.”

There were murmurs of shock around the great hall. I revelled in it. How could the king do anything but comply with my request? He felt uncomfortable, no doubt shocked at what I had asked for and no doubt regretted his flippant offer of ‘any’ reward. There was a pause in the atmosphere while my words were digested by the other guests. “What did she say? What does she want?” There was unbelief and murmurs of doubt that my request would be granted. Herod squirmed but his promise had been made in the presence of many and he would not, could not, lose face.

 Herod commanded “Give her what she asks for!”

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