FROM THE HEART – What the Cross Means to Me – Dr. Michelle Byrne

Can anyone tell me the significance of one week on Sunday, 9th April? Yes, it’s Easter Day!

Easter is a time when I am so glad I am a Christian. Easter is a time when I remember that Jesus died on the cross for me. Jesus was the only perfect human being to live, for He was God incarnate. Thus, I cannot console myself by thoughts that Jesus’ life was taken for one better than His. However, the truth is that JESUS DID DIE FOR ME AS HE ALSO DIED FOR YOU. The act has been done. Now the question is, did Jesus die in vain? Are you willing to accept that Jesus was crucified to save you from your sins? If not, then the most perfect individual to walk on this earth died for no reason. How tragic!!!

For Jesus’ death to have achieved what it was meant to, all the Lord asks of us is to repent of our sins: in other words, to say sorry for what wrongs we have done and graciously accept the most ultimate altruistic act. We all do wrong things, think wrong thoughts and omit to do things we should do. These are all sins. They hold us back. By saying sorry to the Lord for having committed such acts and then accepting that Jesus has paid the price for them, through dying on the cross, then I am liberated. My slate is wiped clean. I no longer have to dwell on the past but can focus on the present and future, without being held back. Should I chose to ignore the truth of Easter, by not acknowledging that Jesus died for me, then Jesus died for no reason and my life would be bound up in regrets, bitterness, frustrations – basically all of the negative emotions which manifest as helplessness, hopelessness and depression.

It is hard to accept that one so perfect should love me so much. But that is the truth. Jesus loves me (just as He loves each one of you) to die for me (and you). I accept the fact that God makes me happy, liberates me and gives me a security in knowing that I am loved beyond human conceptualization! My only hope is that you all are able to accept these truths and celebrate the real meaning of Easter along with me this year.

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